Fall ball


The UDJAA Fall Ball program is for kids entering 3rd to 8th grades in the Fall.  Players from outside of Upper Dublin Township ("UDT") are welcome to play UDJAA Fall Ball. 

UDJAA Fall Ball leagues include:


  • 3rd/4th grades (60' field with 46' pitcher’s mound)


  •  5th/6th grades (70' field with 50' pitcher’s mound)


  • 7th/8th grades (90' field with 60' pitcher’s mound)

The program runs from early September to late October with games played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Kids who play other sports are welcome and roster sizes are increased to accommodate kids who have other primary sports in the Fall. 

Teams are combined with intramural and travel players from in and out of UDT in a more relaxed environment than the Spring league. Please keep in mind that requests for player and/or coach pairings cannot be accommodated.

Each participant receives a team jersey and hat.  Team bats and helmets will also be available.

We wish to thank all of our generous sponsors for this 2019 season:

Dr. Natalie Gardner
Upper Dublin Pediatric Dentistry
240 New York Dr Suite 5
Fort Washington, PA 19034