Clearance Information for Coaches

You must get PA state, Child abuse, and concussion clearance to coach.

State Required Clearances

PA recently enacted legislation requiring all coaches are background cleared prior to coaching.  We are utilizing an outside company  to manage this process.  Clearances are valid for 60 months, the backgroundmanager site, will give you advance warning about clearances about to expire.  SO please log on to the site and you can confirm if all of your state mandated clearances are up to date. 

 If you have not coached with UDJAA in previous seasons, but have volunteered for another organization or the school, you will need to setup a profile and upload clearances.  

 Clearance Process

All coaches need two state clearances - one for criminal and one for child abuse clearance.  If you have not been a resident of PA for the past 10 years you are required to have an FBI clearance (which checks other states for criminal acts).  I have attached instructions for the child abuse clearance - if you follow the instructions you will not have any problems.   The FBI clearance has a cost of around $25 and is the responsibility of the coach (consistent with virtually every other organization.)

 To begin the clearance process at click "start background check". Use organization code udjaa15.  Enter information as prompted. If a volunteer already has a clearance certificate they can upload it after they establish an account.  If you do not upload an existing child welfare clearance you will be prompted to click a link to obtain your
child welfare clearance.  Please use the link and the code that you will be provided when you obtain your clearance.  

 If you have any questions regarding the website, please email

Coaches who are not cleared, will not be allowed to coach a single game.  If you need FBI clearance, please start it immediately as it takes a couple of weeks.  The other clearances are very quick.  

 Use the site below to register for FBI clearance

 Choose PA Department of Human Services  Click Register Online and continue

 Concussion Clearance

 Per our insurance carrier  - ALL COACHES MUST NOW BE TRAINED IN CONCUSSIONS.   Please go to the following website.

 On the right side of the screen click launch the course.  It will not take very long.

 Please send us a screenshot or PDF of the certificate via email is fine to  If you have the certificate from another organization, it will be sufficient if from the fall of 2017.

 You will be required to obtain a certificate once per academic year.  This is a requirement of our insurance policy for coaches to be trained in recognizing a concussion and the proper steps to take.

 Thank you


Discount Day at Dick's

Discount Day at Dick's



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